400A DC

When weld appearance is essential in the field, the first thing that comes to mind is TIG welding. In TIG welding, argon is used as an inert gas to protect the molten weld and the tungsten electrodes from oxidation. It is also known as argon welding due to the use of argon as a shielding gas. In this process, the arc is generated between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece. The TIG welding machine does not require a wire feeder, as the filler material is inserted manually. The TIG-400 welder is a versatile and compact TIG power source that supports MMA welding. Its soft HF ignition and dual-function mode make it ideal for welding thin and thick materials. The high-efficiency inverter technology and automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations provide energy savings of up to 30%. The welder is equipped with protection against overvoltage, under-voltage, overload, and single-phase switching, making it safe for use in rough operating conditions and heavy use on project sites. The arc force adjustment function on the front panel provides greater control over the welding process.

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400A DC TIG Welder

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