TIG 315 AC/DC This is an inverter-based machine the light and medium duty work is the domain of this machine. This has soft switch technology, reactive power correction, and thermostatic protection over and under voltage, and protection is available with this machine. This has a compact structure, steady intense arc, stable current, very reliable, durable, and with low maintenance. The machine has an AC power supply, a Tig welding control unit (TIGNITOR), a Tig welding torch, a Gas regulator, and a flow meter. The power supply is by 2/3 phase with higher OCV selection for smooth arc formation and step less. The TIG control unit has HF Control with 0 to 10 Sec cut-off and gas control with post-flow/ pre-flow.of 0 to 10 Sec. The TIG torch is heavy duty 4-8 Mtr. lead with all accessories. Our machines are designed in such a way that they are noise-free, with spatter-free welding, and durable. The design is such that voltage fluctuation of 20% plus minus can be tolerated by the machines. We introduce the latest equipment available to make our machine competitive in its performance and the argon welding machine price also makes it competitive.

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